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 Make sure, that your client is really your client. 


Open your Digital FIAT Wallet with GSB and enjoy the freedom to send and receive Euro, US Dollars, GBP Sterling and other worldwide used currencies. All wallets are numbered, without dedicated IBAN account number to ensure a maximum of privacy under Kazakh law. All payments in and out are being conducted through our multi currency bank accounts with only the most reputable banks in the country. Kazakhstan is white-listed; therefore no bad surprises in receiving and sending funds are to be expected.

EUR / USD / GBP and more.

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You have received USD, but want to pay in EUR? You have EUR but would like to store your funds in USD? No worries, the GSB Banking Wallet makes it possible at very affordable rates. Convert money, send money in different currencies or exchange even FIAT currency into BTC, ETH or BitcoinPOS. Our platform enables all of this. Be surprised and save money up from today. Our FX rates are the most competetive ones in the country and by far cheaper than average costs in Europe.

Exchange made easy. 



Our intelligent verification system will identify you or your company quickly and efficiently.

100% Security

All customers funds and digital assets are being segregated as required under our local law. 

Global Standard

Our compliance framework fulfills EU standard as the only company currently in KZ.


Having an account with GSB is prestigious. We enable after verification immediately all functions, features and tools.

Request for Banking Wallet Opening.

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General Information:

We cannot accept account openings for corporate, institutional or individual clients residing in a blacklisted or monitored jurisdictions. All other inquiries are welcome. Please be notified, that your information will be processed under Kazakh law. We do not provide sales or consulting activities in other countries. If you should ever receive offers to open a GSB wallet, kindly reach out to us. Our software, the platforms and all features are exclusively available only here at

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