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 Receive and Exchange digital currencies to FIAT and vice versa 


digital currencies

Fully verified clients can enjoy to receive unlimited digital currency into their digital wallets and exchange with a single click to FIAT currency. You can also simply covert your EUR or USD into digital currencies. The received amounts of crpyto currency will then immediately being displayed in your digital wallet and you can pay, forward or store them with GSB safe and secure.

Bitcoin POS exchanger!




We at GSB guarantee you some of the lowest exchange and transaction costs when you operate with GSBs digital wallet. Special conditions may apply for frequent and high networth users. Please do not hesitate to request your personal offer. Our friendly customer support will help you easily through the setup process. If you are an institutional client and wish to use our exchange API, talk to us. We will guarantee you the lowest costs by processing your customers digital currencies.

Costs you can count on!

Buy Gold Coming soon!

As the only provider currently, you will also be able to purchase real gold for your BTC or ETH or BitcoinPOS. Since digital currencies offer high volatilities what could be a disadvantage if you really need to sell on a certain day, it would be better to exchange them in real gold. You will able to decide if you want GSB to store your gold or you will enjoy delivery, exclusively right to your door step. Fantastic, isn't it?

Store digital gold or go for home delivery.

Request for Digital Wallet Opening with GSB.

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General Information:

We cannot accept account openings for corporate, institutional or individual clients residing in a blacklisted or monitored jurisdictions. All other inquiries are welcome.


Please be notified, that your information will be processed under Kazakh law. We do not provide sales or consulting activities in other countries.


If you should ever receive offers to open a GSB wallet, kindly reach out to us. Our software, the platforms and all features are exclusively available only here at

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